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my dads friend at work had a little girl...
Brynleigh Rose
I love it.  Rose is kind of a filler name (even though its my middle name too)
but i love Brynleigh, and thinking of using it too...
what do you think?

scott in february

well Scott has been doing a lot. we went to Buffalo at the beginning of the month.  he handled it okay :)
and this past weekend we took him to the zoo.
he liked looking at the animals so it was fun for all of us :)


Long time no post
I guess all i can is is i usually update more on myspace...
and most important... Nick and I welcomed our son SCOTT EMERSON on September 4th 2007.
he is amazing and i love being a mom despite how tired i can get. 
we had an excellent year anniversary. we went to Charleston and hung out and did a bunch of things.
I loved being able to get away for a while.

its a boy!!!

its a boy!!!
Scott Seger Kraatz :)
due September 12th


i havent been on here in a while... just wanted to say hey and that I'm pregnant!!!


Well I lost my job today...
when I finally was starting to like it. I re-took the series 6 test and made the exact same grade...
I guess it just wasnt meant to be.
Perhaps it was too rigid for me? Perhaps the financial industry was just not something I needed to get into.

All I know is this...
I WILL FIND ANOTHER JOB. and I will make sure I am making about the same amount of $$$
b/c Nick and I definantely need it.

But at least now I can focus on the final prep for the wedding and other festivities :)

keep on rollin'
going with the flow...

Aug. 25th, 2006

top 50 girls names right now--
to me these are my favorite girls names that arent too crazy and flow well with the last name.. i'll figure out middle names later :)

namesCollapse )


my bachelorette weekend :)

well :) i was worried about how it would all go...but it turned out as one of the best weekends ever!!!
first on friday afternoon, my mom got Anna (nick's mom) from the airport and I went to go visit them and brought Anna to the house so she could see it. then we went back to my moms for dinner. My friend Carrie ended up calling me and coming over to visit for a bit. I was so excited to see her!!! then she and I went to go pick up Brooke (my future sister in law) at the airport. so Brooke and I went back to my place and settled in for the evening. the next day we woke up and went to get my hair done as practice for the wedding. its gonna be gorgeous!!! then we went to run a couple of errands and met Jackie for lunch and went to david's bridal to look at the bridesmaids dresses again. then we went back to the mall and i got my eye brows waxed and my first ever pedicure :)...Erin and Emily met us over there too. we all went back over to my house to relax and get ready for the Bachelorette party....
we all met at Macaroni Grill, there were 12 of us.. Me, Kelli, Brooke, Jackie, Karen, Erin (bridesmaid), Emily, other Erin, Jen, Gail, Melissa, and Jennie. they didnt embarrass me there... but they did give me some cute silly gifts... like my "cock-tail" glass and my penis necklace and lollipop. and 2 glasses of wine :) hehe. then we all left and a couple of us went to Kelli's so that I could change into my "bachelorette attire." condom veil, princess crown and "suck for a buck" tshirt and my "bad girl/good girl" wand :)
good times...
then we headed to Cans uptown and then they bought me a blue motorcycle :) yummmm thats where all these people started to suck for a buck on me. good times and pictures that Nick will NEVER see :)
then we went to the Breakfast club... my fave!!! they requested "like a virgin" for me (hahahahahahaha) and I danced with Billy Idol, he sucked for a buck and sang "white wedding" for me. yay... Erin (bridesmaid) and I danced on the stage and faked a kiss hehe.
then this crazy girl was like "let me help you make some money" and she was all over me (there are pictures) this one guy paid $20 for this girl to rub herself all over me for like a minute. good times... i made $30 that night and didnt spend a dime on me.
then about 2am, we got hungry and went to the Men's Club. Yes the strip club where ladise dance and get naked. I gave one dancer $5.... she was so pretty. She pretty much pounded my face with her ya-ya. i was like whoa!!!

hehe all in all it was a good night. we didnt get home until like 4am.
i'll write about my bridal shower later.
oh and I forgot to mention...
I hurt myself the other day by thinking i could be cool and ride on the back of Nick's truck...i cut and bruised my bottom... right where the cheek meets the leg...

on August 13th, Kel, Jen and I flew up to Baltimore, MD
we watched our high school friend, Jon Keck marry his sweetie of 4 years, Michelle. They were beautiful, the wedding was beautiful, everything was just amazing...

made me want my wedding to hurry up and get here :)


maybe the financial industry isnt for me...
i failed the series 63.....so now i have to study for the series 6 again and if I dont pass it this time then bye bye Vanguard...

yeah b/c i need more pressure in my life right now
at least i get to party and let loose this weekend... hooray for the bachelorette party

2 more months and I'll be Mrs. K :)



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